HSE initiatives are fundamental responsibilities that argi InternationalSuppliers take seriously. They are corporates asset that we are proud topromote to employees, their families and the community.

Gargi International is committed to ensuring compliance to environmental policies and regulations, and integrating this commitment in keeping ouremployees safe at work and into the products and services that we provide.

Gargi International Suppliers also actively promotes HSE by regularlysending our employees to extensive trainings and educational HSE programs.

The value and substance of these programs are communicated throughout the company staff and strictly implemented in all of GIS corporate locations.


At GIS, we have developed a culture that nurtures autonomy and independent thinking, while at the same time providing opportunities to excel in a collaborative, team-based environment.

Benefits and Rewards :

GIS provides a Total Reward program with compensation packages that are competitive within each of our markets. Competitive salaries are augmented by comprehensive benefits.


Our mission is to serve the best interests of our clients and partners by excelling in our work and projects.  Our diverse staff, coming from many different nationalities, are bound  together by shared values and a common culture. Quite simply, people who work for Gargi International make things happen, and succeed in this drive and aspiration. Everyone at Gargi International Suppliers maintain the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and accountability.

Reinforcing these qualities is an entrepreneurial spirit, a commitment to teamwork and an understanding of the value of partnership and close working relationships, inside and outside our organization. Our record of success in generating superior returns for our clients and partners speaks for itself.

The Gargi International Suppliers Code of Ethics is issued to all employees of the company. This code of ethics allowed us to build our reputation in the industry in dealing with employees, partners, clients and the community. We continue to strengthen and support these ethical rules and procedures.