To Whom lt May Concern

List of Items That,, GARGI INTERNATIONAL SUPPLIERS " Dealing With lnternational Clients:

1. Valves of all kinds including safety and instrumentation (Ball, Butterfly, Check, Globe, Gate, ARV, PRV, Pressure Safety valve, Flush Bottom, Knife Gate, Sluice, Cryogenic, pressure control, Globe control, positioners, limit switches, gear boxes, actuators, UL/FM Valves, NSF/WRAS certified Valves etc.).
2. Pumps of ll kinds including seawater intake pumps and motors.
3. Pipes and fittings, Flanges, Angles, Rods, bars, bends, couplings, (SS, Brass, CS, Seamless, AS of all classes).
4. Alloys lnconel and Monel plates.
5. Perforated Plates & Stainless steel sheets ofvarious sizes,
6. Hoist & Drag Ropes.
7. Torque converter and spares.
8. Gas Turbine Spares.
9. Compressors, Boilers, Pressure Vessels & Heat Exchangers.
10. Conveyor Chain & Conveyor Belts.
11. Shrinkable Sleeves.

1. Fire alarm, smoke detectors, CO2, Flame arrestors etc.
2. Hydrant system & Siamese Connections.
3. ULIFM Valves & Alarm Check Valves.
4. Fire Sprinklers.
5. Fire Pumps.
6. Grooved Fittings UI/FM.

1. Transformers - *PowerlDistribution/Generator Grounding etc... (AII ratings).
2. Disconnect switches various ratings.
3. CTs/PTs (current& potentialtransformers of various ratings).
4. Reactors of various ratings as per clients need.
5. Bushings of various ratings applications.
6. Overhead connectors & OPGW.
7. Relays Programmable.
8. Line capacitors.
9. Long Rod bushings.
10. Surge Arresters of various ratings.
11. OCBs/VCBs/ACBs/GIS (circuit breakers).
12. Mobile substations/mob transformers.
13. Walking/Mobile switchgear as per client needs (Various ratings esp. 33kv).
14. Bus ducts.
15. Transformer Radiators & Transformer oil regeneration plants.
16. Cable Locators.
17. Partial discharge Monitors (PD) HV.
18. Generator Rotors & Stator.
19. Srushless Motors (Electrical Motors of all kinds).
20. SF6 Monitors.
21. Sweep Frequency Monitors (SFRA).
22. HV, LV & EHV Cables.
23. Termination Kits of various ratings.
24. Transmission Tower.
25. Immersion Heater

1. Thermo well, Thermocouples, Thermocouple wire, Sensors etc.
2. Flow meters manual/ultrasonic etc.

1. Industrial chemicals, Resins, Water treatment chemicals, pigment etc.
2. Anti-Caking